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Structural steel

Structural Steel

This structural steel was primed with Multigrip7000. The customer wanted a shop primer with high solids and a very fast dry. MultiGrip7000 has 67 percent solids and dries to touch in less than 20 minutes at 80 degrees. Coverage is 538 square feet per gallon.

Structural steel

Storage tank structural steel

US Coatings recommended GripLine 6520 be applied to the structural steel supports of this storage tank before it was erected. This 100 percent solids product will provide excellent corrosion resistance for the life of the coating.

Structural steel

Structural steel at Busch Stadium

You know ahead of time that some clients will simply expect the best. Given their history, we knew providing a topcoat to the home of the Redbirds was going to be one of those cases. So we put our best polysiloxane forward when it came to overcoating the structural steel at Busch Stadium.

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