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Storage tank

Storage tank spheres

After taking these spherical storage tanks down to an SSPC SP-6 commercial blast, a high solids epoxy primer was applied before an acrylic elastomeric topcoat finished off the supports. On the spheres themselves, a high solids epoxy primer was also used, followed by an epoxy mastic intermediate coat and an acrylic siloxane finishing coat.

Storage tank

Alsip water tank

The Alsip raised water tank is an eye-catching landmark. To make sure it stays that way, we went with a MultiGrip 7000XP clear finishing coat after it was primed and an intermediate coat was added. For the tank’s interior, we used a direct-to-metal 100% solids urethane lining.

Storage tank

Fireproofing a C5/C6 Refinery

When Phillips 66 needed a C5/C6 refinery fireproofed, we knew we had just the product. Our line of Albi Fireproofing coatings are well-suited to protecting refineries against fire damage. In this case, the fireproofing coating was shop-applied prior to a modular construction build.

Storage tank

Structural steel at Busch Stadium

You know ahead of time that some clients will simply expect the best. Given their history, we knew providing a topcoat to the home of the Redbirds was going to be one of those cases. So we put our best polysiloxane forward when it came to overcoating the structural steel at Busch Stadium.

Storage tank

Chemical storage tank

For surface prep, the weld seams on this chemical storage tank were spot blasted, and the shop applied primer was power washed before a three-part coating system was applied.

Storage tank

Oil field skid packages

These oil field skid packages were SP 1 solvent and SP 2 hand tool cleaned before a universal epoxy primer and UreGrip 3000 polyurethane finish were applied.

Storage tank

Metal building exterior

Following a power wash, an epoxy primer was applied to this metal building exterior. It was then completed with a UreGrip 3300 polyurethane finish.

Storage tank

Substation transformers

These transformers were cleaned to an SP 2 standard before a red alkyd coating and MasticGrip 7030 epoxy finish were added using a flow coat method.

Storage tank

Firewater Storage Tank

After a power wash, a three-part system consisting of an epoxy primer and a polyurethane finish was applied to this firewater storage tank using a brush and roll method.

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