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RustGrip 2300 is designed to minimize prep when time and resources are limited

RUSTGRIP 2300 is a highly cross-linked penetrating primer/sealer with superior wetting properties. Its a 100% solids epoxy, and will not lift existing coatings yet, allows any topcoat to be overcoated. It is highly flexible with good chemical and solvent resistance, and accepts a variety of topcoats. Recommended use as primer/sealer for marginally prepared steel and over aged coatings. Its excellent wetting properties allows it to penetrate rust and discontinuities in existing coatings and provides a firm anchorage for a variety of topcoats.

RustGrip 2300: The primer that breaks all the rules…

Do you have tightly adhered, aged coating, or weathered steel with tight rust?

Scrape it, clean it, and prime with RustGrip 2300. Its low viscosity formulation enables it to bond to surfaces that heavier pigmented coatings cannot. Even an hour after it is applied it continues to wetout and seal down light surface chalking and tight rust.

It’s the only primer choice for aged, weathered coatings that can’t be mechanically abraded. This primer is the perfect solution for owner you would like to get five to ten more years out of an asset before a complete repaint down to bare steel.

Rusting storage tank at a chemicle plant.

RustGrip 2300 Flyer


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